Legend of the List Lady™

ft. Chantelle Marcelle

Welcome to the fifth edition of The Newsletter Nerd Show! 

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When I’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair, my grandkids will ask me how I once managed to remain sane amidst all the noise on Twitter and found its warm, happy corner.

And I’ll tell them all about the incredible List Lady™ aka Chantelle Marcelle.

Known and loved for her marketing chops, Twitter list-making skills, and ability to hype up fellow marketers and creators, Chantelle writes a fortnightly marketing newsletter that caters to novices and veterans alike. 

Here’s her elevator pitch:

I think I do a really good job at collecting insights and information from a variety of different sources, from a variety of diverse voices. I don't just focus on the leading influencers of the moment. I think I’ve done a good job at picking out those unique, maybe lesser-known stories and data points and insights and putting those together into something to help inspire or motivate others.

Tune in to episode #5 of The Newsletter Nerd Show to hear all about Chantelle’s newsletter, her take on the Oxford comma, the role of communities, being inclusive, and the quality of curation, among others. 

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Reading Room is that part of the show where I invite the guest to read out an excerpt from their newsletter. 

In this episode, Chantelle chose to read out the one about nostalgia marketing as a trend in the pandemic. 

Time Stamp: Head to 14:24 in the audio above for the reading.

Remember all the times you played Have You Ever with your friends at a party?

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” they’d have said. 

Oh, how they LIED through their teeth. 

But this one’s not gonna leave you with unfortunate memories because here, all questions are related to newsletters and nobody’s reputation is on the line (or is it?).

The rules here are simple - I ask Chantelle five questions and she responds with a yes or no.

Time Stamp: Head to 21:14 for the complete experience🥁.

But for whatever reason, if you choose to continue only reading, I made a visual summary for you. As you read each question, wait for the accompanying llama to reveal its true colour.

A green llama means a YES and a red llama means a NO.

Note: Don’t forget to mentally add ‘have you ever’ in front of each statement.

This is as candid as it gets!

With that, we’ve reached the end of this episode. Please don’t forget to check out Chantelle’s newsletter here and say hi to her here

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